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School Assistant Version 2 is coming!


􀋲 Assignments

Assignments allows you to quickly and easily manage your assignments. You can add an assignment with the class name, assignment title, and due date in about 15 seconds. You can also add more details, such as a submission location, link, and assignment notes. Or, schedule a custom reminder. If you accidentally delete an assignment, you can also undo that, and re-add it again.

􀉉 Schedule

Schedule is a great way to keep track of your days. You can add up to 10 days, and disable any day at any time. You can add the class, times, room information, and teacher. You can also give any day a custom name.

􀑔 Tests

Tests, like Assignments, is an easy and quick way to track your upcoming tests. You can add the class, test title, and test date in about 15 seconds.

􀈐 Resources

Resources has many great tools to help you in your student life. You can: 

– Access the Google Classroom* and Quizlet* websites (native Google Classroom support coming this summer!)

– View your classes and set contact details and notes

– Access your online portal. If your school uses an online portal system, such as PowerSchool or RenWeb, you can access up to three of those here.

– Scan a document and get its text contents.

...and new features coming all the time!

Free, Forever

First, as a student myself, I fully believe it is wrong to charge students money for trying to succeed in school. So, School Assistant is completely free, and will forever be free. No premium subscriptions, no paywalls, no ads. Ever. If you like the app, it would be amazing if you considered donating through the Tip Jar in Settings (this is why the App Store shows that there are In-App Purchases) or leaving a review on the App Store.

Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Requires iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or macOS Catalina (10.15) or later.

*Sun Apps, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google or Quizlet. Google Classroom and the Google Classroom logo are trademarks of Google. Quizlet and the Q logo are trademarks of Quizlet.

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