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An Update on Drivometer Availability in the European Union

Statement from Dylan McDonald, owner and developer of Sun Apps:

"Recently, the Digital Services Act went into effect in the European Union. This introduces a slew of new regulations and requirements for "traders" that operate in the European Union. For developers, this means that all developers that quality as "traders" must now supply an address, a phone number, and an email that will be displayed publicly on the App Store. However, since Sun Apps is an entirely digital business that doesn't actually handle payments (all payments are handled and received through the App Store and Apple), I have no address or phone number dedicated to Sun Apps, and I certainly don't feel comfortable broadcasting my personal address and phone number publicly on the App Store. For this reason, I have decided to remove Drivometer from the App Store in the 27 countries that are part of the European Union so that Sun Apps will not qualify as a trader. I hope to be able to return Drivometer to these countries in the future.

Additionally, I would like to remind Sun Apps users that all of my apps are not available in China or Russia. My apps are not available in China due to strict requirements that require apps to receive government approval, host any backend in China, and have their own company in China or work with a local publisher. None of these things are really feasible for me, nor do I wish to do any of them due to security and privacy concerns. My apps are not available in Russia because Apple has pulled out of Russia, and I do not wish to do business in a country that Apple doesn't."


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