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School Assistant
Now supports Watch!

School Assistant is a powerful school planner that allows you to quickly and easily keep track of homework, tests, and your schedule, scan documents, see and save Google Classroom* assignments, and quickly access saved websites. 

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Ultimate Counter
Count anything

Ultimate Counter is a simple but great way to count anything. You can tally anything and set goals, or countdown to any date. Plus, you have unlimited tallies and countdowns, and it all syncs through iCloud.

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Manage your finances 

Evergreen is an easy-to-use finances app with a unique and beautiful design that allows kids, teens, and adults to quickly and easily manage their spending money. You can also track where that money came and went.

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Phase 10 Scoring
Log scores as you play Phase 10

Phase 10 Scoring is a quick and easy way to log and manage scores while playing Phase 10*. Its design is modeled after the game itself and unintrusive to gameplay. You can play with up to six people (as per the official rules).

Resolutioner Icon iMac 2.png
Calculate and scale resolutions 

Resolutioner is a simple utility app for calculating a resolution based on an aspect ratio, scaling an existing resolution up or down, and saving resolutions for future reference. All in a great design and iCloud syncing.

* Legal Disclaimers: ©2018 Google LLC, used with permission. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC. The Phase 10 trademark is registered to Kenneth R. Johnson in the US, and registered to Mattel outside the US. © 1982 Kenneth R. Johnson. All rights reserved.