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Sun Apps

Sun Apps, LLC is an independent development company in South Carolina, USA run by a student developer. We make quality apps for Apple platforms.

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School Assistant

School Assistant is a powerful school planner that allows you to quickly and easily keep track of homework, tests, and your schedule, scan documents, see and save Google Classroom assignments, and quickly access saved websites. 


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Ultimate Counter

Ultimate Counter is a simple but great way to count anything. You can tally anything and set goals, or countdown to any date. Plus, you have unlimited tallies and countdowns, and it all syncs through iCloud.


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Release Notes

Release Notes is a fast and easy way to track your app's release notes. It's cross platform and has a great design.


Custom Tapbacks

Custom Tapbacks is an app with an iMessage Sticker Pack that allows you to sent different Tapbacks than iOS includes, such as OOF or 􀙬!


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Road Rules

Road Rules helps you stay safe while driving by showing you common road laws for that state and interesting points of interest. Because laws are different from state to state, this helps you keep up with the changes.


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Evergreen is an easy-to-use finances app with a unique and beautiful design that allows kids, teens, and adults to quickly and easily manage their spending money. You can also track where that money came and went.


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