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School Assistant Version 4 is Coming

Thank you for your interest in School Assistant Version 4! At this time, we are reevaluating School Assistant’s roadmap, and do not have an anticipated launch date at this time. Stay tuned!

Current Ideas

School Assistant Version 4 is just starting, but here are some of my ideas. As an idea is confirmed or complete, an image and description will be added below this list.

􀀀 Apple Vision Pro Support

􀀀 Assignments and Tests Home Screen widgets

􀁣 Use of Mac Accent Color

􀍡 Support Documents 

􀍡 Design updates and improvements

􀀀 All-new Classes experience and features

􀀀 Lock Screen widgets

􀀀 Mac improvements and redesign

􀀀 Apple Watch complications

􀀀 "Desktop-Class" iPad improvements for iPadOS 16

􀀀 New Share options, such as share as image

􀀀 Tab Bar customization

􀀀 VoiceOver support

􀀀 Default reminder scheduling

􀀀 Improved Saved Websites browser


􀁣 Completed Schoolwork view

􀀀 Improved Automatic Day Switching support for different type of schedules

􀀀 Schedule features (like Current Class) for those who have a schedule that's incompatible with Automatic Day Switching

􀀀 Beginning of year mode (erase old Schedule and Schoolwork, etc.)

􀀀 All-New Apple Watch app

Key: 􀁣 Completed | 􀍡 In Progress | 􀀀 Not Yet Started

Screen Shot.png

Mac Accent Color Support

Just like other Mac apps, School Assistant now has full support for the system Accent Color you set in System Preferences. However, you can choose to override it, and use your own color. Or, if you choose Multicolor in System Preferences, School Assistant will use your previously selected theme color.

Support Docs.png

Support Documents

Soon, you'll be able to search and access an extensive library of support documents to help you use School Assistant and solve issues. These documents will also be available online.

School Assistant Version 4 will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Requires iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura (13.0), or later. Minimum watchOS version has not yet been determined. Features listed here are in development, and features and designs are subject to change. Not all features listed here are guaranteed to come.

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