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Version 3 Preview

School Assistant Version 3 is coming this fall (alongside macOS Monterey) with many new features, enhancements, refinements, and fixes. Below is a checklist of features. If you are interested in helping me test it out, you

can join my TestFlight below.

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􀟞 Version 3 Preview

Below is a preview of completed or in-progress features coming to Version 3. Scroll down to see the full checklist of expected features.


Refreshed Design

With iOS 15, Apple introduced a new hierarchical design, which School Assistant now uses in place of the old outlined design. Many parts of the app have been tweaked and updated too. 

Schoolwork Regular Multiline.png

Updated Schoolwork Cells

Schoolwork's cells now feature multi-line titles, a relocated Assignment or Test icon, new quick swipe actions, and a new compact style. See below for more details.

Schoolwork Compact.png

New Compact Style

You can now choose to hide the buttons in each Schoolwork cell, allowing you to view more Schoolworks at once. In place of the buttons, you can tap to view More Details or use the new quick swipe actions. 

New Swipe Actions.png

New Quick Swipe Actions

Delete and Done have been moved to the right, fitting in with the system-standard placement of deletion actions. Share has been replaced with a quick action to access the new edit view.

Edit Schoolwork.png

New Edit Schoolwork View

You can now edit all parts of a Schoolwork in one place with the new Edit Schoolwork view. Just tap to bring up More Details, then select Edit. Or, use the new Edit quick swipe action.

New More Details Full Screen.png

Redesigned More Details

More Details has been completely redesigned. Using the new iOS 15 half-sheet design, the new More Details fits in perfectly with iOS 15. It also incudes four new quick actions.

New Haptic Menu.png

Haptic Touch / Right Click Menus

Schoolwork now features Haptic Touch menus, giving you quick access to common actions and a preview of the more details screen. Also, on iPad and Mac, those quick actions are presented with a right-click.

Dynamic Text Settings.png

Dynamic Text Support

School Assistant will finally support Dynamic Text. If you prefer larger or smaller text for your device, that will now be reflected throughout School Assistant!

Due Date Highlighting.png

Highlight Due Dates

In Schoolwork, you can now highlight overdue Schoolworks and Schoolworks due in under 24 hours.

Sorting Options.png

Sorting Options

This is easily my most requested feature. Schoolwork finally has automatic sorting options!

Searching Schoolwork.png

Schoolwork Searching

Now, you can search for your Schoolwork by title.

Multi-Window Support.png

Multi-Window Support

School Assistant now supports multiple windows on iPad and Mac. This is especially great on Mac, as it allows certain views like More Details or Settings to open in their own window.

Screen Shot 1.png

New Mac Toolbar

School Assistant now has the standard Mac Toolbar, which gives it a more Mac-like feel, and also allows full customization of the toolbar.

Screen Shot.png

Mac Accent Color Support

Just like other Mac apps, School Assistant now has full support for the system Accent Color you set in System Preferences. However, you can choose to override it, and use your own color. Or, if you choose Multicolor in System Preferences, School Assistant will use your previously selected theme color.

􀋺 Version 3 Checklist

􀁣 iOS 15-Based Design refresh

􀁣 Compact cell option

􀁣 Multi-line Schoolwork titles

􀁣 Redesigned More Details

􀁣 Use of Mac Accent Color

􀁣 Highlighting of overdue Schoolwork

􀁣 Mac design updates to make it feel more like a Mac app

􀁣 Schoolwork sorting options

􀁣 Rewrite of data system (again), but this time with CoreData

􀍡 Dynamic Text support

􀍡 Multi-Window support

Coming Later:

􀀀 Assignments and Tests widgets

􀀀 VoiceOver support

􀀀 Default reminder scheduling

􀀀 Improved Saved Websites browser

􀀀 Completed Schoolwork view

􀀀 Beginning of year mode (erase old Schedule and Schoolwork, etc.)

Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple Watch. Requires iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey (12.0), or watchOS 7 or later. School Assistant Version 3 is in beta, and features and designs are subject to change. Not all features listed here are guaranteed to come.