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Wordler Beta Now Available

Today, Sun Apps has released the first beta of our latest project, Wordler. It is available on TestFlight for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Wordler is a companion app to the popular game Wordle. The Solver helps you figure out the puzzle in many ways. When you discover a letter that is in the puzzle, you can add it to your Known Letters. You can designate whether it was green or yellow, and you can mark Known Incorrect Columns where you know that letter will not be in the puzzle. Then, you can use the solving view to type in letters and figure out what your next guess will be. The Solver will let you know if you've put a letter in a column you've previously marked as incorrect for that letter. Wordler will soon support the ability to save and sync your daily scores.

Wordler is also Sun Apps's first app that fully support Mac design and that was truly designed with the Mac in mind. Wordler makes use of the Mac Idiom, which means it gets Mac-style controls, like buttons. We plan to bring these features to all of our apps over time.

Wordler is Sun Apps's first app to feature an interface fully optimized for Mac.

You can join the beta or learn more about Wordler on its website.

Wordler is currently in beta. Features and design subject to change.

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