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School Assistant Version 2.1 with Widgets Now Available

Sun Apps today has released version 2.1 of School Assistant with support for three great widgets. Since Version 2 launched in September, widgets has been our most requested feature by far, so we are very excited to have these out to our users.

This version also brings many other great improvements:

– The room field in Schedule can now be a link OR room field! When you inset a link, it automatically detect this and will show a new open link button. I think this will be a great enhancement for online learners.

– If you added a link using that feature, it will now show right on the Dashboard.

– Added a countdown until your next class starts on the Dashboard.

And bug fixes:

– Fixed notification scheduling and updated their messages.

– Fixed a bug where if you said no to notifications at setup and then tried to change notification settings or schedule a reminder it wouldn’t prompt the system popup.

– When running iPadOS 14.2 or later, the sidebar will now show the proper gray color when in Dark Mode.

The update is available now here. As a reminder, School Assistant Version 2 will be coming to macOS as soon as macOS Big Sur (11.0) is released to the public.


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