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Phase 10 Scoring

Log your Phase 10 scores as you play.

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The Phase 10 trademark is registered to Kenneth R. Johnson in the US, and registered to Mattel outside the US. © 1982 Kenneth R. Johnson. All rights reserved.


Unique Design

Phase 10 Scoring is designed after the game itself, so it fits right in with gameplay. It's also designed to be quick and unintrusive, so you're never slowed down by the app. You can also choose from the four main theme colors of the game to customize the app.


Up to Six Players

The Phase 10 rules allow for up to six players, and Phase 10 Scores allows for just that. You can track their name, current phase, score, and ranking.


Gameplay Stats

While you're playing the round, you can view important game stats. You can see everyone's phase and score, rankings, view all phases, the current dealer, and what number round you're on.

Phase Variation Preview.png

Custom Phases

Choose from one of Phase 10's many official variations, or put in your very own set of Phases! Phase 10 Scoring also has explanations for rules variations. 

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Convenient Reminders

While playing the game, you can also see all phases, what each card is worth, and more. And to better fit with the game, it features high-quality, custom-made assets modeled after their real-life counterparts.

Official Rules.png

View the Game Rules

Conveniently and quickly view the official rules of the game in a high-quality, manually-recreated PDF. You can also view the old version of the rules, Mattel's official how-to video, a standard typed version of the rules, and details on official rule variations.

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Edit Scores and Phases

You can go back and edit any person's score for any round in the game. You can also edit if they made their Phase or not, and the app updates the game immediately.

Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Requires iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or macOS Big Sur (11.0) or later.

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