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Other Projects

This is where you can find some of our smaller or ended projects.

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Sun Apps Central

Sun Apps Central is an abandoned app that provided a look at Sun Apps, who we are, and our apps at the time. It was replaced with this website.

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School Assistant iOS 6 Concept

This functional concept app envisions what the Assignments tab of School Assistant might look like if it was designed in 2012. It will not be updated in the future.

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Road Rules

Road Rules helps you stay safe while driving by showing you common road laws for that state and interesting points of interest. Because laws are different from state to state, this helps you keep up with the changes.

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Release Notes
Track your app changes

Release Notes is a fast and easy way to track your app's release notes. You can also quickly add directly to a Trello board for when you have a new idea or spot a bug. All data syncs over iCloud for quick access on all of your Apple devices. 

Custom Tapbacks
More reactions

Custom Tapbacks is an app with an iMessage Sticker Pack that allows you to sent different Tapbacks than iOS includes, such as OOF or 􀙬! It has Dark and Light Mode versions, and special versions for group chats.

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Stickers Icon Pack 
Great for iOS 14!

Personalize your iPhone or iPad Home Screen with this awesome Stickers icon pack. It has over 140 app icons and you can request new ones any time. Also, for my fellow developers, this pack was modeled after WWDC20 marketing.