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Apple 2021

2021 has been an exciting year for Apple so far. From the colorful new iMacs to major App Store changes, here is everything Apple has done so far in 2021. 

All of these tiles are links! Click them to see the press release from Apple.

Time to Walk.png
Repair Program.png
WWDC Announced.png
Arcade Classics.png
Find My Network.png

Spring Loaded.

April 20

Apple Card Family.png
Purple iPhone.png
New tv.png
iPad Pro.png
Apple 2021.png
Apple Music HiFi.png
New Access..png
April Products Released.png
SST Winners.png

WWDC 2021

June 7

iOS 15.png
macOS Monterey.png
iPadOS 15.png
watchOS 8.png
Xcode Cloud.png
Swift Playgrounds 4.png
Spatial Audio Launches.png
Apple Design Awards.png
Podcasts Subs.png
Tower Theatre.png
Apple Card JD Power.png

App Store Lawsuits and Investigations

News Partner Program.png
Mention Alt Payments.png
Small Dev Fund.png
Korea Lawsuit.png
Reader Apps External Payments.png
Apple v Epic.png
California Streaming Wallpaper.jpeg
Sept 2021 Event Logo.png

California streaming.
September 14

Coming 9.14.png
Background courtesy of @BasicAppleGuy
To be continued...
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